Hiecon is a Finnish electrical engineering company specialized in demanding commissioning, supervision and electrical engineering.

Since 1988 we have operated with number of Finnish and international companies in Finland and worldwide. The personnel have working experience in more than 60 countries and in over 200 sites.
Our personnel have a long experience during years in demanding projects in dozens of countries with several suppliers.

Every commissioning engineer in Hiecon has the A01 electrical qualification which entitles commissioning and supervising in the most demanding work assignments.
Hiecon is rated AAA by the D & B’s highest credit assessments. All the insurances (incl. liability insurance) are managed by Finnish insurance companies.


The field of operations is formed by electrical testing and commissioning of protection relays, switchgears, MCC’s transformers and generators.


We operate in supervision and commissioning of power plants.

Electrical Engineering

In electrical engineering we are specialized in synchronous motors, excitation panels.



Wärtsilä Finland, Merian Gold Phase 2, 2x20V32, Surinam, Electrical installation and commissioning advisor.

ABB, Petronas, Malaysia, 9 x Excitation panel replacement and commissioning. Melaka Refinery, Petronas.


Wärtsilä Finland, Pilar, 6x18W50DF, Argentina, 135kV switch yard supervisor and commissioning
Wärtsilä Finland, Loma La Lata, 6x18W50DF, Bachia Blanca, Argentina, 135kV switch yard supervisor and commissioning
Wärtsilä Finland, Villa Ocampo powerplant, Argentina, Electric supervisor and commissioning
Wärtsilä Finland, Shaab Aseeb powerplant, Oman, Electric supervisor and commissioning


Wärtsilä Finland, GEL3D, 1x18W46 extension, Vale, Guernsey. Electrical section manager 
Wärtsilä Finland, Mfamosing 2, 3xW18V50DF, Calabar, Nigeria. Commissioning manager and commissioning
Wärtsilä Finland, Novy Urengoy, ADPP1 6xW6L32+AMG0710LP08DSE, Russia, MV Commissioning
Wärtsilä Finland, Kronospan, Powerplant, GB, Electrical commissioning

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